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Moisture buildup inside your fuel tank is a constant problem here in the UK and is the major contributor in contaminating your fuel tank. 


Moisture typically enters your tank through your vent line and filler neck where it creates a layer of condensation on your tank walls, this moisture builds up during the colder months and eventually settles on the bottom of the tank.  


Over time bacteria growth builds and settles in the layer between the fuel and the water on the bottom of the tank creating sludge.  When disturbed in rough seas or when a vehicle moves this sludge is sucked into your fuel lines and will quickly clog your filters eventually starving the engine of fuel.


So let us help you avoid an engine shutdown which could lead to a potential emergency or expensive towing fees.  We can accommodate tanks up to 150l and we come to you! 


It’s all done inside your tank using the fuel you already have.  Essentially, we pressure wash your tank, dislodging the bacteria growth and then filter it through our portable system at a rate up to 340l per hour.  Depending on the level of contamination the process normally takes 2-3 hours.  


We are mobile and service North Wales and the Northwest, UK.  We service boats, commercial & vintage vehicles, plant & generators. 


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