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Serving North Wales and the Northwest our cutting-edge fuel polishing system will revitalise your fuel tank by removing sediment, water and contaminates (including diesel bug) that clog your fuel lines and compromise engine performance. 



Our fuel polishing system can be used on any diesel equipment...

  •  Boats

  • Plant & Farm

  • Generators

  • HGV's & PSV's

  • Vintage Vehicles


Trust The Diesel Bug Buster for unparalleled fuel quality and a smoother ride towards a cleaner, greener, and more efficient future. 


Choosing our fuel polishing services means you're making a smart investment in the performance, longevity, and environmental sustainability of your diesel engine, all while avoiding costly repairs and potentially dangerous disruptions.

  • Improves Engine Reliability.

  • Reduces Emissions.

  • Improves Fuel Efficiency.

  • Extends Filter Life.

Our expert technicians employ a state-of-the-art process, where we extract your fuel, filter it through our advanced filter system, and then return it to your tank cleaner and more reliable than ever. 


Say goodbye to poor engine reliability caused by dirty fuel and embrace a cost-effective solution that enhances fuel efficiency and improves engine reliability!

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